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Balance and whole body vibration

Balance Health Condition

Poor balance affects a wide variety of people, can be short-term or permanent, and can cause dizziness. About 30% of people over the age of 65 lose their balance and suffer a fall each year. 

Vibration Plate for Balance

Whole body vibration has been found to improve balance (Sitjà-Rabert et al., 2012). Whole body vibration delivers mechanical loading to the skeleton, which increases bone mass and enhances muscle and skeletal control. As a result, balance, gait, and posture improve.

Often, those who suffer from imbalance don’t have the muscle strength and coordination to prevent them from falling. Whole Body Vibration can improve balance and increase muscular strength and power (Salmon et al., 2012). Whole body vibration can strengthen core and leg muscles and is a simple and effective form of exercise to help those suffering from imbalance to gain control.

There are different ways in which Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can benefit those with balance challenges:

  • WBV helps to increase bone mass which results in a stronger foundation for muscles and tendons.
  • WBV can tone and strengthen weak muscles needed to adjust body position to prevent falls.
  • WBV helps to release important brain chemicals like Serotonin and Dopamine which help to calm the body and allow proper nerve functions to take place reducing feelings of imbalance.
  • WBV provides a natural way to help re-establish balance and control by reducing aches and pains in the feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs and hips which can trigger balance issues.

Balance Can Be Regained

When a body loses its ability to stay upright, muscle, visual, and nerve components can frequently be found to each have a role to play in the problem. Weak muscles make stairclimbing or descending a real challenge. Visual acuity helps our brains determine if we are walking on an even or uneven surface by scanning the area and determining the angles and surfaces which are present. Nerves give us signals in very small groups which help to reinforce what the muscles and eyes are transmitting to the brain. If any one of these balance systems isn’t functioning fully, the whole body can be thrown off balance. LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration assists with re-engaging each of the critical senses necessary to maintain balance.

Balance nerves and vibration exercise

Nerves and inner ear signals are important for adequate balance.

LifetimeVibe Exercises

LifetimeVibe’s patented design is especially helpful for people with imbalance because it isolates the vibration in the base–reducing harsh and violent movement. Unlike competitor machines, LifetimeVibe also accelerates gradually to the chosen speed, making the experience much more comfortable for those with poor balance.

Suggested Positions

Stand on LifetimeVibe with your feet about 12 inches apart. Move your feet farther apart as tolerated. Read through the booklet to determine exercise and massage positions on the reverse side of the flip chart suitable for your condition.(See page 22 in LifetimeVibe program booklet)

Speeds and Programs

Begin with Pre-set programs 1,2, and 3. Increase the intensity, duration and number of exercises, as tolerated. When your body is ready, experiment with the rest of the Pre-set programs and exercises.


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