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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Vibration Plate Exercises:

5 Minute Low Back Pain Workout

Exercise Purpose and Fitness Goal

This is a basic 5 minute seated workout for back pain and low back pain designed and guided by Chiropractor Dr. Larry Ziegler. Improve mobility and flexibility in the core muscles and the entire back and spine.

The same exercises can be completed while standing on the machine–following along this same workout video, but while facing forward toward the machine and while holding onto the handles instead of placing the hands on the knees.

Body Parts Exercised

  • back, spine
  • core
  • hips


Watch the on-screen instructions and follow along with the person on the machine and Dr. Ziegler’s instructions.

Install the removable stool and handles, including attaching the handles to the stool with the stretch cord.

Start the machine on program 3.

Warmup 15-30 seconds: sit in a relaxed and neutral position.

  1. Forward Tilt: Press down on knees and lea forward slightly, engaging the abdominals.
  2. Rearward Tilt: Put hands on front of knees and pull back, engaging the back muscles.
  3. Trunk Flexion: Lean forward and try to touch your chest to your knees. Hold.
  4. Trunk Extension: Hands on hips, tilt hips forward, look up at the ceiling. Repeat forward flexion and extension.
  5. Trunk Rotation: Palm up, place hand over opposite knee and twist. Repeat each side 10-15 seconds. Repeat again.
  6. Side Bending: Bend each side slowly–hold for several seconds. Optionally: Raise hands above head for added stretch.
  7. Repeat any of the above moves until times runs out.

About LifetimeVibe Vibration Plate Exercises

This is a series of exercises designed for a vibration plate full body workout. The Lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine exercises 95% of the muscles at once. This creates excellent blood circulation and oxygen circulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint pain relief. Lifetimevibe is the best vibration plate for vibration therapy exercises because it allows a simple, easy adjustment or 12 pre-set programs.

Just 10 minutes a day will help you stay healthy and avoid pain. Many health benefits of this whole body vibration exercise plate include arthritis pain relief, neuropathy pain relief, reduced lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis pain relief. Bonus effects can include weight loss, reduced back fat and belly fat, and cellulite reduction.

All of those effects depend on diet and daily activity level. For example, pne reason many people can lose weight with Lifetimevibe vibration plate is the reduced pain and increased muscle strength. If it’s less painful to walk and move, then people find increased daily activity and burn more calories all day long.

The Lifetimevibe is the best whole body vibration machine, with the best warranty, because it is made in the USA.