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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Vibration Plate Exercise:

10 Minute Beginners Workout

Exercise Purpose and Fitness Goal

This is a basic 10 minute workout designed by Chiropractors for their patients. Several Chiropractors encourage all patients to complete this workout before every adjustment to help with flexibility and joint and muscle strength.

Body Parts Exercised

  • legs: calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes
  • hips
  • core
  • abs
  • back, spine

Workout Instructions

Watch the on-screen instructions and follow along with the person on the machine.

Turn on the LifetimeVibe machine to program 6 and start.

  1. Warmup: Stand with feed shoulder with apart.
  2. Move hips side to side
  3. Move hips and low back in a slow “Hula” circle.
  4. Switch directions and continue the hula
  5. Straighten legs and bend forward at the waist – Tummy Down, Head Up
  6. Continue, but now arch the back and bow your head down
  7. Repeat last 2 positions while bending forward
  8. Reach up to top bar and use the bar to help you rotate your trunk. Hold.
  9. Switch Sides. Hold. Switch back and forth a few times.
  10. Pull hips to front bar. Lean back and look up. Hold. Face Rearward, Hold Lower Bar. Lean Forward. Hold. Repeat.
  11. Raise one arm and lean to the opposite side. Switch sides and repeat several times.
  12. Extend right leg over the left side of the vibe. Hold or Pulse.
  13. Extend left leg over the right side of the vibe. Hold or Pulse.
  14. Extend left leg over the same side of the vibe. Hold or Pulse. Repeat for Right leg.
  15. Extend left leg rearward. Hold or Pulse.
  16. Repeat for Right Leg.
  17. Extend left leg to the side. Hold or Pulse.
  18. Repeat for right side.
  19. Perform a squat – a little or a lot. Hold up to 10 seconds.
  20. Rest
  21. Raise up on tippy-toes 10 times.
  22. Rest
  23. Repeat Squats
  24. Repeat calf raises to tippy-toes
  25. Rest and Cool Down.

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Good Job!

About LifetimeVibe Vibration Plate Exercises

This is a series of exercises designed for a vibration plate full body workout. The Lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine exercises 95% of the muscles at once. This creates excellent blood circulation and oxygen circulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint pain relief. Lifetimevibe is the best vibration plate for vibration therapy exercises because it allows a simple, easy adjustment or 12 pre-set programs.

Just 10 minutes a day will help you stay healthy and avoid pain. Many health benefits of this whole body vibration exercise plate include arthritis pain relief, neuropathy pain relief, reduced lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis pain relief. Bonus effects can include weight loss, reduced back fat and belly fat, and cellulite reduction.

All of those effects depend on diet and daily activity level. For example, pne reason many people can lose weight with Lifetimevibe vibration plate is the reduced pain and increased muscle strength. If it’s less painful to walk and move, then people find increased daily activity and burn more calories all day long. 

The Lifetimevibe is the best whole body vibration machine, with the best warranty, because it is made in the USA.