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Hip Pain and whole body vibration


Hip pain is often caused by genetics, age, and use-related injury. Overuse and tightness are often domino towards immobility. Years of pain may end up resulting in needing a hip replacement which can create a whole new type of pain. Whole body vibration is a potential therapy for age-related bone-density loss in the hips. It may also relieve hip pain from arthritis. 

Whole Body Vibration and Hip Pain

Whole body vibration has been shown to improve functionality after hip-replacement surgery. (Foster, 2009) Whole body vibration has helped decrease, and even eliminate pain in the hips for many people. Vibration therapy helps to strengthen muscles and relieve tightness resulting in better function and mobility.

    One of the most common causes of hip pain in women is post-menopause osteoporosis. Finding a way to prevent the onset of osteoporosis is important for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Whole body vibration has been shown to help prevent Osteoporosis and help with bone mass density in post menopausal women. (Verschueren et al., 2004) Whole body vibration has been shown to improve functional ability and fatigue levels and can also help to preserve bone strength in the hip in females with Rheumatoid Arthritis.(Prioreschi et al., 2016) (Click here for more information on Osteoporosis and Arthritis.)

    LifetimeVibe Exercises

    LifetimeVibe’s patented design isolates the vibration in the base, not the handles–reducing harsh and violent movement. Unlike competitor machines, LifetimeVibe also accelerates gradually to the chosen speed, making the experience much more comfortable for those with joint pain.

    Suggested Positions

    View LifetimeVibe’s Program booklet to find helpful exercises and massages most beneficial to you. See pages 20 and 21 for hip pain.

    Speeds and Programs

    Set Speed above 25. Use Machine for 2-3 minutes several times a day. 


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