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TMJ and whole body vibration

Health Condition

TMJ, short for Temporomandibular Joint, is a hinge joint that connects the back of the jaw to the temporal bone of the skull just in front of each ear. This joint along with the surrounding soft tissues of muscles and ligaments aids in the ability to open and close the jaw during talking, chewing, and yawning.

This is he most active joint of the body, moving as much as 2,000 times per day? When this joint becomes misaligned, the result can often be popping or clicking when opening the jaw. Eventually, this improper motion can lead to pain around the joint, jaw-locking, or headaches.

LifetimeVibe Vibration Machines and TMJ

Whole body vibration can improve symptoms of TMJ as the movements help improve flexiliby of the muscles connecting the jaw to the skull. The rapid vibration helps bring oxygen circulation to the joints and improve movement that can reduce pain in this hinge joint.


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“Sixty-seven percent of the participants rated their experience and the comfort of the procedure as favorable. Eighty-three percent of participants responded favorably as to their likelihood to pursue this treatment modality in the future.”