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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Steve Gibby Recommends Lifetimevibe

Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Photographer

My Experience with LifetimeVibe

At 70 years old I can still do most of the things I’ve done throughout my life, because I’ve constantly maintained a lifestyle of good rest, regular exercise, and a careful diet. My super-active lifestyle and highly mobile film work requires strength, energy, flexibility, and durability – and my goal is to do everything I do until I’m 100 years old, and then pass away in my sleep!

I recently discovered LifetimeVibe and their remarkable Whole Body Vibration equipment – and it has really enhanced my personal life and my film and television work! It has opened the door for me to not just maintain my levels of energy, strength, flexibility, and durability, but to actually increase those levels to beyond where they’ve ever been in my life!

From decades of heavy outdoor activity and regularly carrying heavy cameras and equipment, I’ve pushed my body to its limits so many times. I have no connective tissue between each of my lumbar vertebrae and from heavy exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam I’ve been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Left untreated either of those conditions could really hamper my ability to do my work and live my active lifestyle.

But thanks to Whole Body Vibration and the other things I do I fully expect to live my super-active lifestyle and do my very mobile film work for decades to come!

Whoever is reading this, just know that you can achieve your dream of staying mobile, having great energy, staying physically flexible, and thus really enjoying the rest of your life! You can do it – but now is the time to launch a body and mind maintenance plan for that.

I invite you to join me and hundreds of thousands of other seniors who are realizing that our chronological age really has no relationship to our physical age, mental age, psychological age, and our spiritual age! If we keep moving and do the things I mentioned above we can actually ignore our chronological age. It really doesn’t matter.

For decades now I’ve used the world’s finest film and television production equipment – cameras, lenses, computers, lights, gimbal systems, etc. I’m used to analyzing fabrication and assembly quality in equipment. I’m happy to report that this LifetimeVibe equipment is very well engineered, fabricated with care to detail, performs perfectly, is very durable, and it is 100% made in America!

Beyond that I’ve found Vicki, Mike, and the Lifetime Vibe staff to be great people – with active lifestyles themselves, straightforward, personable, happy, and with a real interest in helping seniors to realize a better quality of life.

– Steve Gibby


Steve is a multiple Emmy Award winning veteran of several hundred network television programs that aired on National Geographic, BBC, ESPN, Discovery, NBC, Fox Sports, Animal Planet, Palladia, VH1, A&E, and twelve other networks. He is also a producer for multiple IMAX films currently in production. He has received over 90 national awards for his production work. He is also an acclaimed still photographer.

A native of Utah, at 70 years old Steve continues to work fulltime in his film and television work, including all of the active, mobile genres he has traditionally served in. His work has taken him to 75 countries worldwide. His wife Pam has worked with him all over the world.

They are parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Steve is a highly decorated veteran of the Viet Nam war, having served in the war for a complete year tour. He served for a total of six years in the United States Air Force. He has also completed six years of college, including a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University.

When not traveling for work, Steve enjoys ranch life at his home in the mountains of Southwest Utah, and can regularly be found with Pam way out in the mountains, deserts, and seashore of the Southwest and Northwest enjoying hiking, camping, kayaking, exploring, fishing, and a myriad of other outdoor activities – and he always has a camera with him to document the experiences and natural world beauty!

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