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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration Plates

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Click on either model to purchase Lifetimevibe–the best whole body vibration machine available.

Athletic model was designed for people without joint pain, especially if they are taller.

It comes with a wider and larger vibration plate to stand on, and does not include the stool and small removable handles. This gives a maximum amplitutde of 14mm instad of 10mm, for a stronger, higher intensity workout. It also comes with optional silver-painted wood.

All other features-programs, speeds, controls and internal structures are the same.

Check our brand comparison pages to compare lifetimevibe to other brands, such as Powerplate, Hypervibe, T-zone and Zaaz, LifePro Wave  and other less expensive machines.

“LifetimeVibe is an amazing company with an amazing product. I have experienced health benefits from using it during the last several months. The quality of their machine is superb combining ease of use with a high level of effectiveness.”

– Christine T.

“We LOVE our Lifetimevibe vibration plate. We use it 1-2x a day religiously. Bought it during Covid and use it for energy bursts, workouts, and even our young kids like using it. An incredible machine that exposed how stagnant our lymph was after we began using. We our active and healthy family but this is a great tool to supplement what we already do.”

– Tom P.

“The machine is solidly built, works great! I highly recommend it!”

– Suzie H.

“LifetimeVibe staff are professional and courtious. The LifetimeVibe is used every day because it’s fast and easy to use. I will recommend LifetimeVibe to all my family and friends.”

– Elson B.

“I am so grateful I purchased the LifeTime Vibe machine.  At my age I struggle with stiffness in the mornings. I jump on my machine for 5 minutes first thing and I am good to go. The stiffness leaves and I feel so much better.”

– Christine T.

“This machine is awesome! We love it! It is now so easy to get my exercise time in.”

– Allyson W.

“I have loved this machine and their personal service. The machine is simple to operate and very well constructed.”

– Don W.

“The best whole body vibration machine on the market. It’s very well made and we use it at least once a day and the results showed on our annual physical!”

– Peter L.