Muscle Strength

Muscle strength prevents injury. If you trip or become unbalanced you need muscle strength to right yourself. When your muscle is forced to hold a certain position for a length of time on the vibration plate your body begins to activate and then recruit more and more motor units.

These motor units are usually not activated during everyday routine movement. Sometimes they are brought into use for the first time in years. This strengthens the muscle. These motor units are forced to contract continuously, time after time. The muscle is forced to mature very quickly. The muscle achieves a state of maximum contraction which is very safe and very effective.

Whole body vibration simulates the muscle and brings great circulation to the body. It is a wonderful tool for anti-aging. With strong muscles you can live a longer healthier life. Whole body vibration prevents muscle loss related to the aging process by affecting virtually every muscle in your body without overload and dramatically reducing strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.

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