Natural Treatment for Arthritis Type Symptoms:

Arthritis is not generally a result of bone maladies but rather emerges from acute pain of muscle and connective tissue. Inadequate circulation and reduced flexion contribute to rheumatism and arthritis. Pain is most often caused by a tightening of connective tissues in the lower back, knees, hips, shoulders and other flexion points of the body.

Low impact exercise is very important for people with arthritis. When exercising with arthritis you should focus on certain movements and an overall balanced workout for your entire body.

A common mistake is to focus on just the area that is in pain which will throw your body’s balance off, potentially overwork the problem area, and can actually perpetuate arthritis symptoms of inflammation or cartilage deterioration.

It is important to focus on range of motion, strengthening, and aerobic exercises to help alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis. Exercise can reduce pain and disability by decreasing muscle inhibition and by improving local circulation.

Whole body vibration elicits muscle and connective tissue flexion without over-stretching or straining the muscle. Studies show that whole-body vibration delivers mechanical loading to the skeletal muscles, thereby increasing strength and improving circulation and flexibility.

For example: when standing on a whole body vibration platform that is set for 20 HZ, your muscles are contracting and relaxing 20 times per second in response to the vibrations. This is like jumping 20 times per second on a mini trampoline. The vibration stimulus travels straight up through the body.

Your whole body weight is being mobilized to circulate lymphatic fluids. This creates the same benefits as a mini trampoline, just in a much shorter amount of time and much more comfortably.

Exercise can reduce pain and disability by decreasing muscle inhibition and by improving local circulation. Unfortunately, most arthritis sufferers tend to not adhere to an exercise regimen due to the discomfort associated with working out. The more difficult the exercise, the less likely they will do it.

Whole body vibration is particularly suited for these people because it exercises the postural system. Whole body vibration is easy to use, the exercise sessions are short and best of all it is safe. Whole Body Vibration is a great option to relieve arthritis pain and suffering, maybe even reverse the effects naturally. Routine whole body vibration therapy can provide stretching exercise of connective tissues for effective and many times immediate relief of arthritis and rheumatism.

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"New treatment methods like Whole Body Vibration training also seek to improve muscle coordination and thereby optimize affected joint loading."
This study showed that the Whole Body Vibration-exercise regime on a stable platform yielded increased muscle strength.

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"Improved performance is due to beneficial effects of Whole Body Vibration on the neuromuscular system, such as improved balance and increased muscular strength and power."