A Chance Encounter

A decade ago, Lifetime Vibe owner, Vicki Honey, was walking through her neighborhood grocery store when she saw an old friend. She noticed he was bent over, hobbling on a bad knee, and his face was ashen. She spoke with him for a few moments and left saddened, thinking he was not long for this earth.

Some months later, Vicki met the same gentleman once again. This time he was the picture of good health! He walked briskly toward her, his face bright and cheery as she stood in amazement. Vicki was so amazed, she had to know what had such a dramatic effect on him. “Whole body vibration!” he said excitedly, “standing on a vibrating platform for a few minutes every day!” Her mouth agape, Vicki talked at length with her newly-rejuvenated friend. She’d never heard of whole body vibration before and immediately investigated what it was and how it worked.

Research Phase

Initially, Vicki hoped her new machine would simply help her exercise. She quickly discovered many unexpected benefits. First, her hip pain significantly reduced and as a result of that, her Sciatica and lower back pain diminished. Then she noticed she was sleeping better and felt more focused and productive. As her legs and back strengthened, Vicki wondered if the machine might help her 90-year-old mother and disabled father.

Vicki parent’s had equally amazing results from the machine. After struggling with poor health, incontinence, and a lack of energy, Vicki’s mother became more vibrant, gained control of her bodily functions, and regained strength. Her father gained mental acuity and improved his muscular strength. The story was just too good to keep to herself and Vicki began telling friends, neighbors, and family, eventually becoming a top salesperson for the machine.

Development Phase

As more people began to try Vicki’s platform, she received many questions about other health challenges whole body vibration platforms could address. As Vicki dove into scientific research and medical data published on the effects of whole body vibration, she discovered not only did it help circulation, but it was beneficial for hormone production, balance, bone density, varicose veins, cellulite and dozens of other concerns.

Vicki eventually learned the machine she was selling wasn’t the best design for senior citizens. Vicki herself was over 60 and understood all too well the challenges of aging. Several seniors who purchased the vibration platform pointed out problems with the design and engineering of the platform. There were too many buttons to push, too many annoying beeps, too hard to transport, too high to step onto, too loud, too jarring etc. Vicki documented and relayed to the manufacturer all the suggestions and reviews that were pouring in for the design of a better machine.

When the foreign manufacturer of Vicki’s whole body vibration machine wouldn’t make the changes, Vicki decided she would do it herself. She would create her own whole body vibration machine that would incorporate all the wishes and needs of her enthusiastic customers. She would manufacture her machine in the US, using US parts and labor. So at an age when most people are thinking about retiring, Vicki Honey, started her own company – called Lifetime Vibe.

LifetimeVibe Machine #1 is Born

After a year of engineering prototypes, testing designs, and finding the right engineer, the exact whole body vibration machine Vicki had in mind was built. The machine was the best of the best, with quality craftmanship and style, and perfect for seniors. Vicki sold her first three prototypes to Chiropractors for their patient’s rehabilitation. In fact, the very first machine Vicki delivered, #0001, is still in service in a chiropractor’s office today!

American Success Story

Sales have grown and Vicki’s LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration platforms are in homes, medical offices, sports venues, and many other places all across America. Thousands of happy, satisfied, and healthier customers are a testimony to Vicki’s pursuit of excellence. LifetimeVibe’s success was marked by selling the first 1,000 platforms, and not having one single unit returned due to customer dissatisfaction.

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