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Neuropathy and whole body vibration

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Neuropathy is a group of diseases that cause the dysfunction or damage to one or more nerves, resulting in weakness, pain, tingling, and/or numbness in the extremities. Common forms of neuropathy include but are not limited to Peripheral, Autonomic, and Diabetic neuropathy. Pain can vary from slight numbness, mild tingling, or severe pain. This can cause loss of coordination and balance due to the numbness and pain in the legs and feet.

It is estimated that more than 20 million people in the United States have Neuropathy, with 60-70% of diabetics experiencing some form of Neuropathy (Kernich, 2001). Many treatments seek to subdue the effects temporarily, but often are ineffective in curing the disease. Whole body vibration is an all-natural treatment which can be used for relief in some people. 

Whole body vibration and Neuropathy

Whole body vibration can improve blood flow, and heal and strengthen the body. Whole body vibration therapy decreased pain, and improved balance and gait patterns of patients with type II Diabetes. Whole body vibration is in its infancy. However, there is promising evidence to suggest improvement in patients (Junggi Hong, 2011).

In another study, Whole body vibration was determined to be a possibly effective non-pharmacological therapy for people with neuropathy and other neurovascular complications caused by diabetes. During the treatment patients showed signs of increased blood flow, which can lead to healing (Johnson et al., 2014).

Lifetime Vibe Exercises

LifetimeVibe’s patented design is especially helpful for people with Neuropathy because it isolates the vibration in the base, not the handles–reducing harsh and violent movement. Unlike competitor machines, LifetimeVibe also accelerates gradually to the chosen speed, making the experience much more comfortable for those with joint pain.

Suggested Positions

View the program booklet to determine exercises that are suited best for your condition. 

Speed and Programs

For exercise set speed from 25-30 and stay on the machine for 3-5 minutes, repeat as many or more than 5 times a day, as tolerated. For massage set speed above 35 and stand on the machine for 3-5 minutes.

Arthritis relief with whole body vibration

Neuropathy improves with whole body vibration


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Neuropathy Pain Relief

And Whole Body Vibration

Neuropathy can be an extremely painful condition. The pain can prevent people from sleeping, makes walking and everyday activities painful. Although many medical professionals prefer to prescribe medications for Neuropathy, they often are unaware of more natural ways the body can heal itself with proper treatment.

Many customers find Lifetimevibe helps reduce neuropathy pain. As the plate vibrates, it stimulates nerves and muscles, increasing cirulcation and reducing painful pins and needles. Unlike medications, or other invasive medical treatments, this natural pain relief is a result of the body healing itself.

Medical Professionals

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