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Neck Pain and whole body vibration

Health Condition

Many people suffer from muscle tension or pain in the joints in the neck. This neck pain can cause headaches, discomfort, and lack of mobility. This stiffness can be caused by injury, but also is often a result of lack of movement and exercise in the neck.


LifetimeVibe Vibration Exercise and Neck Pain

Many vibration plates, such as Powerplate, use a vertical, or linear vibration, in which the platform jumps up and down vertically all at once. This can make neck pain worse because all of the vibration movement is driving straight up the spine and neck.

Lifetimevibe, by contrast, moves like a see-saw or teeter-totter, so that the spine and neck are moving, but not jarring straight up and down. Also, unlike other machines, Lifetimevibe can easily be adjusted to a comfortable speed by moving the feet and turning the center knob.

As a result, the gentle vibration movements improve circulation and joint movement without increasing pain. The movements also bring healing oxygen into the neck joints to help the body naturally heal and recover.

This relaxation and flexibility also helps reduce pain by the release of endorphins, encephalin and other pain-reducing neuro-chemicals.



Read research findings below and click on the article links to learn more. Articles will appear in a new window


“ … showed a significant increase in the muscle strength of the back muscles after 13 weeks of Whole Body Vibration training with a synchronous vibrating platform compared to conventional strength training.”

“Whole Body Vibration exercise has been shown to have a positive influence on back pain …”

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