Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP) is the main cause of early retirement in some countries. CLBP is not generally a result of bone maladies but rather emerges from acute pain of muscle and connective tissue. Key muscles in the pelvic girdle become weak, the abdominals, gluteus and quadratus femorus. The pain is triggered by a tightening of connective tissue and weak muscles.


Whole Body Vibration elicits muscle and connective tissue flexion. Studies show that WBV delivers mechanical loading to the skeletal muscles, thereby strengthening the muscles and improving circulation and flexibility. Manchester Metropolitan University research showed WBV can reduce chronic lower back pain by 70% in just 3 months.


Whole body vibration increases circulation to the problem areas and decreases the inflammation associated with lower back pain. Thus, we can be pain free, flexible, and with strong muscles which help promote spinal health.

Routine WBV therapy can provide stretching of connective tissues without straining them for effective and often immediate relief of back pain. Strengthening core muscles help develop better posture and spinal health which keeps us free from back pain.

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