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Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are diseased blood vessels that have become permanently dilated and can no longer efficiently carry blood back to the heart which can result in pain, swelling, inflammation, skin ulcers, and blood clots.

Whole Body Vibration exercises, in many instances, yield quick and visible results. After only ten minutes on a Whole Body Vibration platform one often sees that the skin of the lower leg is colored pink. This is a sign that the blood vessels in that area are open and circulation is returning. Some people report feeling a ‘tingly’ sensation after the exercise that results as the blood starts following again.

Bulging and painful varicose veins are caused by valve leakage in the blood vessels. Due to gravity, blood would normally flow back into the lower extremities. The only way the body is able to pump the blood back to the heart is using these valves, preventing the blood from flowing back down and “pooling” in the ankles and feet. A Whole Body Vibration machine greatly stimulates the circulation of blood thus increasing the oxygen levels substantially. This in turn will improve the return flow of the blood to the heart if the vibration exercises are done on a regular basis.

Exercise tips: While on the Whole Body Vibration platform it is helpful to perform the exercises dynamically. Slowly rising up with your toes and then rocking back onto your heals while the machine is vibrating is very effective. You can also do massage exercises, which are very important for circulation; first massage around the varicose veins, always rubbing towards the heart and then allow the affected areas to gently rest on the vibrating plate for a few minutes.

Additionally, Whole Body Vibration exercise stimulates production of collagen, which, along with keratin, is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Collagen is the primary component of connective tissues and gives bones the elastic quality that improves fracture resistance. Collagen also strengthens blood vessels and improves venous return–both of which help prevent spider veins and the more serious varicose veins.

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“It turns out that Whole Body Vibration can not only stimulate circulation but also helps with the production of collagen, which, along with Keratin, helps promote improved skin strength and elasticity. Collagen also acts as the primary component for connected tissues and strengthens blood vessels, which can in turn prevent varicose veins from occurring.”

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