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Whole body vibration has been proven effective in treating the symptons of Fibromyalgia.

Increased energy is one of the most common effects reported by our clients using whole body vibration regardless of their health issue. Take a moment to watch some of the testimonials to the right and hear it for yourself!

Take a moment to read the research articles below and/or to view the videos.

Related Research Articles

Read excerpts of actual research findings below and click on the research article links below to learn more. Articles will appear in a new window:

– Low-Frequency Vibration Improves Balance in Women With Fibromyalgia

“Whole Body Vibration has recently emerged as an intervention that can have positive effects on the neural, muscular, and skeletal systems.”

“ … these findings support the use of this device in patients with balance problems due to fibromyalgia.”

– Use Of Vibration-assisted Exercise In Fibromyalgia Patients

“ … the most noticeable improvements made by the completed group included decreased pain in the last 48 hours (particularly after the training sessions), decreased number of workdays missed in the last seven days, increased days felt good in the last seven days, and decreased anxiousness and depression.”

“Ten of the twelve patients who completed the program showed interest in continuing in such a program, even if it means paying for the machine usage.”

– Effective Fibromyalgia Treatment With Whole Body Vibration

“The positive findings of these studies included pain relief for lower back pain, benefits in balance, functioning, and quality of life in older women, and improved muscle strength and bone density in postmenopausal women. There were no significant side-effects in any of the studies.”

– Fibromyalgia Treatment with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

“Whole Body Vibration therapy is rapidly becoming a widely recognized, holistic cure for both muscle pain and lack of energy. It is known to increase muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, bone density, blood oxygenation and circulation and neuromuscular stimulation. Because muscle tissue is prompted to grow and strengthen with Whole Body Vibration, excess fat is also reduced in the process.“

“ … a recent study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine says that Whole Body Vibration can actually reduce pain and fatigue, and improve physical function.”

– Fibromyalgia and Whole Body Vibrations

“There is enough supportive evidence for patients to see Whole Body Vibration as an option for fatigue and pain relief therapy.“

“Thus far, evidence is pointing towards yes. It helps with pain, fatigue, stiffness and stress. Some patients have has the extra benefits of happier moods and a calmer state of peace.”

– Six Weeks of Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Improves Pain and Fatigue in Women with Fibromyalgia

“Our results clearly suggest the positive effects of the traditional exercise program plus supplementary Whole Body Vibration intervention on pain and fatigue, whereas the effect of exercise alone is not apparent in any of the variables.”

“ … exercise plus supplementary Whole Body Vibration is more effective in improving pain and fatigue than exercise alone.”