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Fatigue and whole body vibration


As people age many report a significant drop in their energy levels. This fatigue is largely due the lymphatic system not functioning properly and a slowdown in the body’s metabolism. Whole body vibration increases energy by increasing blood circulation and by helping the lymphatic system work properly.

Increased energy is one of the most common benefits reported by our clients using whole body vibration regardless of their health issue. Customers find that as they use Lifetimevibe, circulation and metabolism increases. As their muscles and bones strengthen and increase through exercise, their fatigue reduces.

Take a moment to watch some of the stories of customers reviewing the Lifetimevibe and see for yourself.

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– Six Weeks of Whole Body Vibration Exercise Improves Pain and Fatigue in Women with Fibromyalgia

“Our results clearly suggest the positive effects of the traditional exercise program plus supplementary Whole Body Vibration intervention on pain and fatigue, whereas the effect of exercise alone is not apparent in any of the variables.”

“Whole Body Vibration may be considered a novel strategy in the management of Fibromyalgia.”

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Fatigue Relief and Whole Body Vibration