Who is the ideal client for this form of exercise?

Our research has found the following people gain the most benefit from this exercise:

  • Geriatric/Aging Boomers for balance, bone density, muscle stimulation, mood improvement through serotonin.
  • Athletes who want to improve core muscle function, extremity stabilization, and overall body awareness (Mechanoreceptors from joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons aid in body orientation and Proprioceptors, which provide the sense of position).
  • People with busy lifestyles, especially for those who sit most of the day. The Whole Body Vibration machine can get blood flowing in a more time-efficient way than other forms of exercise.
  • Travelers and long haul truck drivers. Sitting for long periods frequently can cause blood clots or other problems, which this can prevent.
  • Women post-pregnancy. Certain postures will focus on strengthening and reducing around the hips, thighs and abdomen areas very quickly.
  • Back patients. It is proven to actually help with many lower back issues.