How is LifetimeVibe different from other machines?

Quality: Lifetimevibe is made in the USA out of top quality steel and wood. It is designed to last a lifetime and can be serviced if anything goes wrong. We offer a 3-year warranty, and the first group of machines manufactured 7 years ago are still in service–some used all day in busy Chiropractic offices.

Quiet: Lifetimevibe is whisper-quiet. Literally. We actually measured the sound at 42 decibels, which is about as quiet as a human whisper. Other machines are much louder and quite violent.

Beautiful: It just looks great in the most elegant rooms of your home.

Simple: The controls are easy to understand, require no programming, and are simple to use.

Non-violent: A patented design isolates the handles and column from the vibration of the base. This also prevents the machine from wandering around your floor while in use.

Easily movable: Large wheels on the base make the Lifetimevibe easy to move when you want it to.

For more, see the comparison with the Costco Zaaz machine on the Lifetimevibe product page.