How does gravity affect Whole Body Vibration?

Whole Body Vibration uses the power of gravity (the pull that is exerted by the earth). As the machine accelerates, it pushes up against your body and creates an extra force-known as a g-force. Imagine you were to hold a 12-pound weight in your hand. No problem right? Now imagine someone were to drop that weight, just by an inch or two, into your hand. You would have to use a little more strength to keep that weight from falling. The weight hasn’t changed, but it feels heavier. Now, imagine someone were to drop that weight into your hand 30 times a second! Your muscles would be working much harder that if they were just holding the weight. So while your muscles are working to keep you balanced, they actually have to stabilize a heavier load than they would if you were standing on the ground. Your body literally feels as though it weighs more, meaning you have to work against an increased weight or “load” than your muscles are used to. Thus you are using the “POWER OF GRAVITY” to enhance your workout.