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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

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Lifetimevibe vs PowerPlate

Lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine

Top 5 Reasons

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LifetimeVibe over Powerplate

Powerplate compared to Lifetimevibe

1. Less Headache, Better Health

Powerplate vibrates straight up and down, like jumping, also called linear vibration. This sends all the vibration force straight up the spine and neck to the head. This extreme head vibration can painful to users.

It also vibrates only at extreme high speeds, with very little options for variation of speed. The machine starts with a sudden shock. When users first try PowerPlate, they are often startled and usually want to get off as quickly as possible, in less than 30 seconds. This is especially true for seniors or for anyone with joint, knee, back, or neck pain.

Lifetimevibe, on the other hand, uses oscillating vibration, like a see-saw, or like natural walking motion. When the right side goes up, the left side goes down. This means the legs and hips move naturally, causing the back and neck to flex without a vertical jarring up and down.

Unlike Powerplate, or any other vibration plate we’re aware of, Lifetimevibe accelerates gradually and smoothly. This allows the body to adjust to the movements in a natural way, much like starting walking or jogging. The vertical amplitude, or height, can be adjusted easily by moving the placement of the feet. And the speed, or frequency, can be adjusted from 0 to 80 speeds with an intuitive rotary knob. None of those adjustments are possible with Powerplate.

Better Health

Research has shown that the pivotal, or oscillating, vibration provide by LifetimeVibe provides better benefits to the body overall. Other research has shown that exercise you enjoy is exercise you will continue and want to repeat.

Powerplate’s jarring vertical vibration with extremely fast frequencies make it uncomfortable, even painful for many users. Anyone with knee, hip, back or neck tension will often feel pain on the Powerplate and want to get off as soon as they can. Because of that discomfort, continuing use can require extra self-discipline to do something users don’t enjoy.

LifetimeVibe, by contrast, accelerates smoothly and comfortably, with 80 different easily adjustable speeds. This allows all users to enjoy the exercise, even those with discomfort in their joints or muscles. That feel-good pain relief means that Lifetimevibe users want to come back to the machine regularly, several times a day. They don’t need extra self-discipline because the smooth vibrations feels so good they want to come back as often as they can.

LifetimeVibe is also the only vibration machine that comes with a 165-page health conditions and exercise book. This book explains specific exercises for a wide variety of health conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, knee and hip pain, arthritis, neuropathy, balance issues, incontinence, Parkinson’s disease, and more. It also explains specific muscle and bone strengthening exercises for every major part of the body. This book fits nicely on the frame of Lifetimevibe where the user can easily follow the illustrated guide while using the machine.

2. Greater Frequency Range

Powerplate produces only extremely fast, vertical vibrations. The most expensive Powerplates costing more than $10,000 have several choices within these high frequency ranges. But even they are unable to produce the low and mid-range frequencies that more closely match the body’s natural movements. Research has also shown that a wider variety of frequencies provide the best benefits of flexibility, muscle and bone strengthening.

LifetimeVibe, by contrast, allows the greatest frequency range on the market. With a simple, easy-to-use intuitive rotary knob, frequency can be adjusted from as slow as one per second to as fast as 16 per second. When users have this easy, flexible adjustment, they rarely choose the fastest vibration speed for more than a few seconds.

3. Made in the USA, Better Quality and Looks

Powerplate is mass-produced in China out of plastic and steel without easily serviceable parts. Its one-year limited warranty includes several pages of limitations and restrictions.

LifetimeVibe is hand-made in the USA with top quality steel, aluminum, and wood parts. Because of that quality construction, the company stands behind its product. The machine carries a lifetime warranty on frame and motor and can be easily serviced even after the warranty expires.

In addition, the beautiful real cherry wood and powder-coated steel of LifetimeVibe is beautiful enough to belong as a piece of quality furniture in the most elegant homes. People keep LifetimeVibe where they can see and use it often-in the living room, bedroom, TV or family room. This means it gets noticed and used often as a normal part of daily life.

Powerplate, on the other hand, looks and feels like industrial fitness equipment that belongs hidden next to the weight machine and treadmill in the basement exercise room. This means it takes a special extra effort to seek out and find when you feel a need to exercise.

4. Simple, Durable Controls

Powerplate includes a plastic touchscreen with a variety of on-screen options. Even though Powerplate only allow vibrations in an extreme high speeds, the touchscreen can be complicated to follow and adjust options. Also, this plastic touchscreen also can crack or wear out with extended use.

Lifetimevibe, by contrast, is controlled with solid aluminum, durable controls that are fully intuitive. Understanding the machine adjustments requires no special instructions because changing the speed is intuitively obvious with a rotating knob adjustment. These controls won’t crack or break with extended use. The 12 programmed sequences are easy to select and provide a full range of exercise options. But each of these can be immediately overruled by simply turning the center knob. Users can instantly understand how to use the machine without any training or instruction book.

LifetimeVibe is hand-made in the USA with top quality steel, aluminum, and wood parts. Because of that quality construction, the company stands behind its product. The machine carries a lifetime warranty on frame and motor and can be easily serviced even after the warranty expires.

5. Better Warranty

Many customers assume that if they spend more money, they’ll get a much better product. But Powerplate warranty is one year and is extremely limited. The disclosures and limitations include many pages of legalese that provide a long list of possible reasons to deny warranty service.

LifetimeVibe, by contrast, provides a very simple warranty: Lifetime on frame and motor, 3 years on everything else. If it breaks, we’ll fix it. As a family owned company in America, the owners can personally watch and oversee the full manufacturing process here in the USA.  They are so confident about this process that they can take care of any problems as needed.

Many LifetimeVibe machines sold 7 years ago to busy Chiropractic offices are still in daily use. These machines have been used many times every day and are still running perfectly.


LifetimeVibe vs. Powerplate Specifications

Chair and Support Handles
Physician Consultation
Exercise Book
Made In
Speed Adjustment
Patented Vibration Isolation
Noise Level
Variable Speeds?
Automatic sleep/wake
Warranty-Frame and Motor
Frequency Range
Pre-set Programs
Machine Weight
Base Height
Total Height
Platform Movement
Maximum User Weight
Free, Removable
165 pages
Infinite Variable
Yes-reduces vibration in handles
42db (human whisper)
Smooth and Gradual
Polished Steel and Aluminum, Simple Intiutive
Yes, 80 speeds
Steel and Wood
3 years
2-15.5 Hz
.5-10 mm
12, interruptible
125 lb
6 in
54.5 in
33 in(w) x 29 in(d)
1-8 g
Oscillating (Pivotal)
375 lbs
PowerPlate My5
Unknown (Loud)
Sudden Shock
Plastic Touchscreen
No, 3 speeds
Plastic and Cast Steel
2 years limited
1 year limited
30-40 Hz
151 lbs
12 in
58 in
27 in(w) x 36 in(d)
Linear (Flat Vertical)
300 lbs