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Cellulite and whole body vibration

Health Condition

Cellulite is an unsightly fat deposit just under the skin, typically around the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. Cellulite is more common in women than men because men have thicker skin and different muscle, fat, and tissue distribution. With age and weight gain, fat cells enlarge and become dimpled and puckered. As fat tissue accumulates, fluid retention, toxin storage, and lack of circulation become problematic.

Many people are especially frustrated with the types of belly fat that can be difficult to remove.

When circulation is blocked, cellular waste stagnates, and these tissues harden as the skin loses its elasticity. The puckering is caused by the shriveling, dimpling and adherence of the skin to tissues underneath.

Whole Body Vibration and Cellulite

Whole body vibration can help to reduce the unsightliness of cellulite. Whole body vibration can increase muscle tone. Toned muscles create a firm surface below the fat that makes skin appear smooth and tight. Whole body vibration can also improve circulation, carry oxygen to your cells and tissues, assist in flushing toxins, and increasing the production of collagen, resulting in a significant reduction of cellulite.

Whole body vibration will not instantly make cellulite disappear, but it can aid the process. Healthy eating and exercise is the most effective way to reduce body fat. Increased circulation helps remove fluid in collagen pockets of the connective tissue. During animal trials it was proven that whole body vibration helped reduce white fat and hepatic triglycerides in both old and young test agents (Reijne et al., 2016).

LifetimeVibe Exercises

LifetimeVibe’s patented design is especially helpful as it isolates the vibration in the base, not the handles–reducing harsh and violent movement. Unlike competitor machines, LifetimeVibe also accelerates gradually to the chosen speed, making the experience much more comfortable for the user.

Suggested Positions

Stand on LifetimeVibe with your feet hip-width apart. View LifetimeVibe Program booklet page 10 &11 for other exercise positions. 

SpeEds and Programs

Set speed above 30. Or use pre-set programs 5, 6, or 7.


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Whole Body vibration reduces cellulite

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