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Circulation and whole body vibration

Vibration Plate exercise with calf leg raises woman strengthening muscles

Health Condition

Without good circulation the feet or hands become numb or feel cold, joints and muscles become stiff and painful. Sometimes vericose veins and nerve pain develop, injuries take longer to heal, and arthritis can accelerate. Oxygen is so important to joint healing that sometimes medical professionals will inject oxygen directly into the joints with a needle. Rapid contraction of muscles and movement of joints can dilver this healing oxygen naturally, without needle injections.


Whole Body Vibration and Oxygen Circulation

When standing on the vibration plate the rhymic contractions of the muscles encourage blood circulation. Every capillary will be enlarged, so blood evenly flows into the smallest capillaries in the body.

This blood circulation improves the delivery and removal of metabolic waste. As waste products are removed more quickly the body recovers more rapidly. Whole body vibration increases the number of functional red blood cells and also increases the presence of white blood cells in the capillaries.


LifetimeVibe Exercises

All exercise on Lifetimevibe helps improve circulation. The rapid muscle contractions require increased oxygen, which makes the heart and lungs contract to deliver the fuel the muscles need.


Speeds and Programs

 All speeds and programs on Lifetimevibe are helpful to increase circulation. 



Read excerpts of research findings below and click on the research article links below to learn more. Articles will appear in a new window.

“These findings demonstrate that patients with diabetes respond to Whole Body Vibration with increased Skin Blood Flow compared to the sham condition. The implication is that Whole Body Vibration is a potential non-pharmacological therapy for Neurovascular complications of Diabetes.”

“Significant increases in leg blood flow were also found with Whole Body Vibration. Increasing frequency produced systematic increases in leg blood flow whereas the increase in amplitude was found to be additive to frequency.”

“Acute bouts of Whole Body Vibration increase peripheral blood flow … “

“Vibration type appears to be the most important factor influencing both muscle oxygenation and peripheral blood flow.”

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