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Muscle Strength and Whole Body Vibration

Health Condition

Muscle strength prevents injury to joints. If you trip or become unbalanced, muscles will help you recover.

Unfortunately, very few people activate all of the muscles in the body enough. Many are sedentary much of the time and the muscles don’t get the movement they need to stay strong. Even when we do exercise, most often, only some of the body is moving actively, leaving at least some muscles to decay and weaken.

Athlete Upper Body Strength training

Lifetimevibe vibration plate is excellent for building core and upper body strength. Iron Cowboy James Lawrence uses the machine for world record effort recovery.


Vibration Plates and Muscle Strength

Whole body vibration stimulates 95% of the muscles at once. As muscles move, they demand oxygen, requiring circulation to increase throughout the entire body. The vibration movement enhances both catabolic and anabolic processes in the body. Sometimes muscles are  brought into use for the first time in years. This increased strength and full body circulation is a wonderful tool for anti-aging.

With strong muscles you can live a longer healthier life. Lifetimevibe vibration machines prevent muscle loss related to the aging process by activating virtually every muscle in the body without overload. The gentle vibrations do this without adding strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.

Athletes also find that this rapid activation allows more of the fast twitch muscle fibers to activate. Bringing a wider variety of muscle fibers into use can increase both strength and endurance.


Read excerpts of research findings below and click on the research article links below to learn more. Articles will appear in a new window

“Based on these findings, we concluded that the use of Whole Body Vibration would lead to greater improvements in both knee extension muscle strength and countermovement jump than under identical conditions without Whole Body Vibration.”

“Ten weeks of lower limb Whole Body Vibration training in older women produces a significant increase in muscle strength induced by thigh muscle hypertrophy …”

“The adaptations to Whole Body Vibration found in the present study may be of use in counteracting the loss of muscle strength and mobility associated with age-induced sarcopenia.”