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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Hear from the Residents:

Assisted Living and LifetimeVibe

Many assisted living communities love the benefits of whole body vibration with the LifetimeVibe vibration plate. In any exercise room, the LifetimeVibe is very likely to be the most popular machine. It will be the one item with a line of people wanting to use it.  

They love how LifetimeVibe helps attract and retain residents. Then, the residents love how they can stay healthy and active. When family members visit, they notice that the community cares about the health and happiness of residents.  

The residents of the community often discover that exercise on the vibration plate helps turn back the hands of time. Many residents experience problems with joint pain, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and mobility. The LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration plate helps resolve many of those issues and more.

Residents using the platform twice a day report substantially improved balance which makes them more mobile and more social. They also feel many other issues like incontinence, constipation, muscle aches and other pains significantly diminish or disappear altogether.

Residents with hip replacements, knee replacements and other corrective surgeries feel that the vibration platform helps to not only repair the damaged area, but to increase the range of motion while decreasing pain and discomfort.

In many cases, the overall effect the LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration platform is to generate more stability, mobility, and sociability making the residents feel better about life and their ability to take advantage of all that life offers.

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