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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Lymphatic System Operation and Drainage, Using Whole Body Vibration

Listen to this presentation about Whole Body Vibration and Lymphatic System Drainage.


  • Lymphatic Drainage and the Immune System: T-cells, B-Cells, White Blood Cells
  • How Lymph Circulates through the Body–movement and exercise
  • Lymphatic System: Lymph nodes, vessels
  • How to do Lymphatic Massage
  • How Whole Body Vibration can increase lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic System Diagram
Lymphatic system drainage presentation
lymphatic system-white and red blood cells are vital to lymphatic circulation
lymphatic drainage t-cells, b-cells, lymphocytes
Lymphatic System outline and components
lymphocytes detail diagram-t-cells, b-cells
Detail diagram of a lymphatic vessel and lymph node
Full body lymphatic system diagram
Lymph Node detail diagram
How to do lymphatic massage steps
Lymphatic massage in the neck where lymph nodes are concentrated
Lymph nodes throughout the body
Lymphatic system and whole body vibration heat map