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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Falls are one of the most significant causes of death and injury for seniors. Yet many of these falls can be prevented with balance exercises that strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. A good quality whole body vibration plate can help make this exercise easy and simple.

Recommended settings: Program 6, or Program 0 and use the rotary knob for speeds between 15-30 for stretching and flexibility exercises, and between 2-10 for strengthening exercises.

Exercises for Balance, Flexibility and Strength

Balance exercise for seniors-stretch standing quad for flexibility

Exercise 1: One Leg Quad Stretch

Stand on the plate and hold handle with one hand.

Lift one leg and hold onto the foot with your hand and hold.

Count to 10 slowly and switch legs.

The goal of this exercise is to practice balance safely and improve flexibility in each leg.

      • 1 Set
      • 2 Repetitions
      • 10 Second Rest
Hamstring stretch is an excellent vibration plate exercise to improve flexibility and balance

Exercise 2: One Leg Hamstring Stretch

Stand with one leg on the plate and one leg on the floor in front of the plate. Hold the handle with both hands in a comfortable position.

Slowly bend down until you feel a stretch in your hamstring and glutes in the leg resting on the plate.

Count to 10 slowly and switch legs.

The goal of this exercise is to improve flexibility and practice different positions that can increase balance.

More detail and video for hamstring stretch vibration plate exercise.

      • 1 Set
      • 2 Repetitions
      • 10 Second Rest
Vibration Plate balance exercises: squat first step for glutes and quads.

Exercise 3, Step 1: Squats

Stand on the plate with feet shoulder width apart, or wherever is comfortable for the intensity desired.

Hold onto the bar at a comfortable position. Prepare to bend legs slowly.

Bend down for a squat exercise on the vibration plate. Strengthen quads, glutes and legs.

Exercise 3 Step 2: Squats 

Slowly bend at the knees as low as you can. Then slowly stand back up.

As an option, you can hold a low squat for a count of 10 before slowly standing up again.

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen knees, quads, and glutes, while at the same time helping the body adjust to different positions required for good balance.

More detail: Squats vibration plate exercises

      • 3 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest

Hamstring Stretch


Calf raises vibration plate exercises to build muscle and increase flexibility

Exercise 4, Step 1: Calf Raises

Stand with the front part of your feet on the edge of the platform.

Slowly raise your heels well above the edge of the platform.

Hold this low position for a count of 10.

The goal of this exercise is to both increase flexibility and range of motion in the calf, as well as increase strength and adjustments needed for good balance.

Calf Raises and lowering the legs on a vibration plate. Exercises to build muscle and increase flexibility.

Exercise 4 Step 2: Calf Raises-Lower down

Slowly lower your heels down below the edge of the platform. Hold for a count of 10.

Then raise heels back up to the top position.

More detail: Calf raises with vibration plate exercises

      • 3 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest

Advanced Balance Exercises

Glutes and hamstrings and quads are strengthened with leg exercises on a vibration plate.

Exercise 5, Step 1: One Leg Step Down

Stand on the platform with feet shoulder width apart. If you are confident in your ability to balance on one leg, face away from the controls. If not, you hold onto the handles and face toward the control panel.

Optional: for more intensity place feet wider apart.

The goal of this exercise is to practice balance on one leg, while building strength in the quads, hamstrings, and calves.

One leg step down vibration plate exercise to strengthen leg muscles and knee joints.

Exercise 5 Step 2: One leg step down

Hold arms straight in front and parallel to the floor.

Slowly and carefully bend one knee and step one foot off the platform.

If balance is difficult, this exercise can also be done holding on to a bar with one hand and extending the leg forward in front of the vibration plate.

      • 2 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest
one leg calf raise helps strengthen muscles with exercise on a vibration plate.

Exercise 6, Step 1: One Leg Calf Raise

Stand on the platform on one leg and the front of the foot on the platform. Hold to the handles on the control column.

Lift the other leg and bend one knee.

Slowly lower the heel below the edge of the plate and back up again.

Calf raises on a vibration plate for exercise can strengthen legs and tone muscles.

Exercise 6 Step 2: One leg calf raise

Switch legs.

Repeat the same exercise as the previous leg.

Stand on the platform and lower the heel below the edge of the platform.

More detail: One leg calf raise vibration plate exercise

      • 3 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest

Exercises With Stool and Optional Accessories

A vibration plate exercise to strengthen the core and abs. Using the seat and handles, lower the legs to the floor.

Exercise 7, Step 1: Ab and core leg raise

Install the seat and handles–Or do this exercise while sitting directly on the platform.

Keep legs straight and slowly lower the floor.

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the core muscles which are vital for good balance.

Tighten abs and core. Get a six pack and strengthen muscles with this vibration plate exercise.

Exercise 7 Step 2: Ab and Core leg raise

Slowly lift straight legs as high as you can. Ideally above the height of the seat.

Hold for the count of 5, then repeat, slowly lowering the legs back down to the floor.

Leg raise variations:

One leg raise with bent knee and vibration plate exercise.

One leg straight raise and vibration plate exercise

      • 2 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest

One Leg Raise: bent knee

One Leg Raise: straight leg

Arms shoulders, triceps, biceps muscles strengthen and bulk with vibration plate exercises

Exercise 8, Step 1: Arm Lift

Attach resistance bands by looping through the bottom hole on the column.

Face away from the handles. Hold arms square.

If balance is a significant concern, this exercise can also be done facing the control panel and using the handles as necessary.

The goal of this exercise is to improve upper body strength and strengthen the spine as well. Practicing this good, vertical posture is also essential to good overall balance.

Arms, shoulders, triceps, and biceps all are strengthened with overhead press vibration plate exercise.

Exercise 8 Step 2: Arm Lift

Slowly raise the arms to a vertical position.

Lower arms again to the original position. 

Carefully balance and hold your back straight while doing this exercise.

      • 3 Sets
      • 10 Repetitions
      • 30 Second Rest

Balance is Vital: Falls for Seniors are Scary!

About Vibration Plates and Balance for Seniors

Seniors love vibration plates like Lifetimevibe that move at 2-15 vibrations per second. This is unlike many other machines with extremely high speeds. An oscillating plate is ideal for balance as it moves like a see-saw and avoids harmful vertical impact on the spine and brain. As the left leg goes up, the right leg goes down. This movement makes all muscles and joints in the body respond and adjust balance many times per second. The nerves and brain also have to react quickly. All of this rapid movement helps the body and the brain dramatically improve balance.

Keep it up! Make your own Exercise Variations

Doing these balance exercises for seniors consistently can produce significant results. Ideally, you should have a goal to exercise at least 10 minutes a day on your vibration plate. You can also make your own exercise variations to focus on your specific balance challenges. Keep that exercise up to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent falls.