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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Whole body vibration machines are becoming increasingly accessible to the general public, being found in physician offices, health clinics, public recreation centers, and individual homes. The reason for that increase is because whole body vibration has the ability to expedite recovery, enhance your workout in less time and improve your overall health regardless of age. In this blog post we will discuss what whole body vibration is and an easy guide to a ten minute workout routine for beginners on a LifetimeVibe whole body vibration plate. 

What is whole body vibration? 

You might be wondering what whole body vibration is and how it works? Those are fair questions, especially if you have never heard of whole body vibration before now. Whole body vibration stimulates movement throughout the body by allowing the muscles and joints to respond naturally to a vibration plate’s movement. 

A vibration plate essentially mimics the body’s response to walking, running, or jumping, but at a much faster pace and lower intensity. Using a vibration plate allows much more exercise and movement to be accomplished in a short amount of time, even in just ten minutes. For example, the Lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine exercises 95% of the muscles at once, creating improved blood circulation and oxygen circulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint pain relief.

When exercising on a vibration plate, the movement causes the muscles to contract and respond, requiring increased oxygen, which increases blood circulation. Whole body vibration enables oxygen to travel throughout the body due to the body’s natural circulation, without external intervention. As joints open with the movement, the oxygen travels into joints, which gives cells the fuel they need to heal resulting in expedited recovery.

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Where do I start?

Learning how to utilize a vibration plate such as LifetimeVibe is essential to feeling your best after just ten minutes of exercise. Luckily, LifetimeVibe has provided many guided workouts on its website for anyone to easily use and follow along with. Among the many guided exercises provided are:

  1. Rehabilitation and Recovery after experiencing a leg, hip or back injury. In this guided workout you can learn from Dr. Ziegler Chiropractor, how Lifetimevibe whole body vibration helps people recover after an injury and understand the science behind the vibration machine. 
  2. Seated Low Back Pain exercises for those who are experiencing back pain and want to improve their mobility and flexibility in their core muscles and spine.
  3. Squat Variation exercises by utilizing the handlebars of the LifetimeVibe machine and learning where to best place your feet to experience the benefits of the vibration plate. 
  4. Advanced Pushups with your hands and upper body centered on the vibration plate, with your feet on an exercise ball requiring your core to be fully engaged to stay balanced. 
  5. Weighted Step Ups to just hit the tip of the iceberg of weighted exercises you can do on a LifetimeVibe vibration plate to further enhance your workout.

These five listed exercises are only a few of the many guided exercises available to the public on the LifetimeVibe website. Using these guided exercises can help anyone become comfortable with using a LifetimeVibe whole body vibration machine, and provide the knowledge to create your own personalized workouts using the same exercise skills.

lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine

10 Minute Beginners Workout

Let’s walk through the basics of a ten minute workout routine for beginners on a LifetimeVibe vibration plate. First, it is helpful to know that this workout was designed by Chiropractors for their patients. Several Chiropractors encourage all of their patients to complete this workout before every adjustment to help with flexibility and joint and muscle strength.

This workout targets the whole body by warming up and exercising the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs, hips and back muscles. A guided workout video for this workout can be found on the LifetimeVibe website but we will walk through the basics with you below. All LifetimeVibe workouts can be done at various vibration settings or programs. For this ten minute workout, LifetimeVibe recommends to set the machine to program six. Then the guided routine will have you accomplish the following four exercise segments:

  1. Warmup: It is always important to warm up your body before starting any workout and this also applies to whole body vibration exercises. This is done by simply allowing your body the time to acclimate to the vibration.
  2. Series of simple body movements, including: swaying hips, circling hips in a slow “hula” circle, as well as bending your upper body forward and backward.
  3. Engage the lower body, with the following exercises: forward and backward leg lifts, slow squats, and calf raises.
  4. Cool Down: Much like any other form of exercise, a cool down such as a walk is important for your muscles and heart rate. Rest your body by standing with good posture and your feet shoulder width apart on the vibration plate. 

This simple four segment exercise format is good to keep in mind when approaching any workout on a LifetimeVibe vibration machine. Remember to allow your body at least one to two minutes to warm up on the vibration plate before your workout and a minute or more to cool down after every workout. By following a four segment exercise format, you will be able to experience all of the benefits available to you by using a LifetimeVibe to enhance your workout.


Overall, whole body vibration therapy has the capacity to not only enhance your workout but also speed up the recovery process. The Lifetimevibe whole body vibration machine exercises 95% of the muscles at once, creating excellent blood circulation and oxygen circulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint pain relief. All guided workouts available on the LifetimeVibe website were designed by Chiropractors for their patients. In just ten minutes a day LifetimeVibe will help you achieve your workout goals, avoid pain and build muscle. 


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