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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

Insurance Billing for Health Professionals

Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Wellness facilities often wonder how they can use Lifetimevibe to provide better service to their patients. They also need to make. a living and ask how whole body vibration can also increase the revenue for their practice. While some of these practices are cash pay only, many bill insurance and wonder how this works.

We have recently updated our page about the best whole body vibration plate for chiropractors, physical therapists, and health professionals, with extensive detailed answers. This post will give a brief summary.

The information here is referenced from the 2016 ChiroCode DeskBook. It is recommended that each practitioner and staff familiarize themselves with this information and learn appropriate utilization of CPT coding for each of the listed procedures. This reference information is a quick reference for daily billing and note taking after proficiency in these codes is obtained through appropriate study of ChiroCode and State and Federal law that may dictate appropriate usage of these codes in your region of practice.


LifetimeVibe is providing this informaiton as a reference only. You are responsible for correctly billing and coding each service offered in your facility. Please familiarize yourself with each mentioned CPT code and all of it’s requirements and ramifications as well as appropriate charges prior to submitting claims for services using whole body vibration.

LifetimeVibe does not accept responsibility for errors in utilization concerning these suggestions or any penalties, audits or actions resulting from misuse of this information.

What Amount Should I Bill?

Billing depends on where you live and provide service. For example, Utah utilizes an RVS (Relative Value Study) system that aids in determining rates of $55 for NMR 97112. Your state may be different. Always refer to local guidelines when determining appropriate charges for the services offered in your facility.

Billing Code Summary

This guide can also be downloaded here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

97110 Therapeutic Exercises- Therapeutic exercise performed under observation for strengthening and rehabilitation of soft tissues (97110) x 1 unit. Performed for 10 minutes on whole body with Lifetime Vibe Plate.

97530 Therapeutic Activities- Therapeutic Activity was performed to improve functional performance (97530-59) X 1 unit. Demonstrated and had patient perform functional exercises under observation for 15 minutes utilizing whole body vibration.

97112 Neuromuscular Re-education- Neuromuscular reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, proprioception or posture retraining for sitting or standing activities was performed (97112). Performed with supervision for 10 minutes on whole body with Lifetime Vibe Plate.

CPT Code Descriptions and Usage Guidelines

This guide gives some more details about the use of these codes.  It assumes you are familiar with these types of practices and you are fully responsible for your own decisions with this information.

97110 Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercise incorporates one parameter (strength, endurance, and range of motion or flexibility) to one or more areas of the body. Examples include, treadmill (for endurance), isokinetic exercise (for range of motion), lumbar stabilization exercise (for flexibility), and gymnastic ball (for stretching and strengthening).

97112 Neuromuscular Re-education

This therapeutic procedure is provided to improve balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture, and propriocep- tion (e.g., proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Feldenkreis, Bobath, BAP’s boards, and desensitization techniques).

Neuromuscular re-education may be considered medically necessary if at least one of the following conditions is pre- sent and documented:

  • the patient has the loss of deep tendon reflexes and vibration sense accompanied by paresthesia, burning, or diffuse pain of the feet, lower legs, and/or fingers;
  • the patient has nerve palsy, such as peroneal nerve injury causing foot drop; or
  • the patient has muscular weakness or flaccidity as a result of a cerebral dysfunction, a nerve injury or disease, or has had a spinal cord disease or

97116 Gait Training

This procedure may be medically necessary for training patients whose walking abilities have been impaired by neuro- logical, muscular, or skeletal abnormalities or trauma.

Gait training is not considered medically reasonable and necessary when the patient’s walking ability is not expected to improve.

This procedure is not considered medically necessary when the goal is to increase the patient’s strength and endur- ance.

97530 Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities are considered medically necessary for patients needing a broad range of rehabilitative tech- niques that involve movement. Movement activities can be for a specific body part or could involve the entire body. This procedure involves the use of functional activities (e.g., bending, lifting, carrying, reaching, catching, and over- head activities) to improve functional performance in a progressive manner. The activities are usually directed at a loss or restriction of mobility, strength, balance, or coordination. They require the professional skills of a therapist and are designed to address a specific functional need of the patient. These dynamic activities must be part of an active treatment plan and be directed at a specific outcome.

97533 Sensory Integrative Techniques

Development of cognitive skills to improve attention, memory or problem solving, may be medically necessary for pa- tients having neurologic conditions such as head injury or trauma, stroke, muscular dystrophy and/or multiple sclero- sis or other neurological diseases. It is not appropriate for patients with chronic, progressive or stable brain conditions who do not have potential for improvement of or restoration of current cognitive function.

Conclustion and More Information

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