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How Neuropathy Causes Foot Pain

The word “Neuropathy” is defined as a disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves which typically causes numbness or weakness. A neuropathy can occur anywhere in the human body but in many cases it attacks the arms or legs. People with Diabetes often speak of the neuropathy which makes their legs feel tingly and painful. It is actually a combination of different factors which result in the condition and is most commonly related to Diabetes. But it can be caused by other factors; medication, injury, infection or some other external cause and it presents itself in the autonomic nerves, sensory nerves, and motor nerves.

Certain types of neuropathy can be specific to only one nerve set resulting in an affliction that is very specific like the face or hand or lower leg. Other forms can affect all the nerves in a single spot or in multiple areas of the body. Whole Body Vibration can help calm the effects of neuropathy and allow the sufferer a reduction in symptoms.

Autonomic Nerves and Neuropathy

Brain and autonomic nerves can be healed with whole body vibration therapy to find pain relief for Neuropathy

People with neuropathy can be affected by autonomic nerves, which can lead to peripheral neuropathy and pain in the foot, hands, and fingers and toes. Whole body vibration plates can help relieve pain from this condition.

The nerves that control the regular recurring actions in the body work on “cruise control”. In other words, the autonomic nerves do their job without any encouragement. The heart, lungs, bladder, and other organs function without having to be told to do so; they work automatically.

Organs such as the heart are affected by Whole Body Vibration because the vibration platform stimulates the circulatory system and the heart responds with stronger beats to keep up with the external stimulation. The lungs also function at a higher level during vibration and in most individuals, the level of oxygen held in the bloodstream increase at least one or two points. And because the Lymphatic System is being stimulated by vibration, all of the toxins and waste products the body needs to get rid of are being processed more efficiently and effectively which means the nerves are getting the nutrition and minerals they need to function properly and additional blood flow which stimulates them even further.

Sensory Nerves and Neuropathy

Neuropathy pain can include sensory nerve pain.

Sensory nerves can improve with vibration because of the increased movement and circulation. The oxygen from vibration plate therapy helps move muscles throughout the body, providing natural pain relief.

When you feel cold or hot, or you accidentally touch something very hot and your hand flies back, or you smell something you like or don’t like, your sensory nerves are doing their job. Sensory nerves help us to understand our environment on an organic level so we know when it’s too hot or too cold, or there’s smoke in the air that can be smelled but not seen, or there’s a change in our environment that we can’t see but we can “feel”. These “senses” aren’t like autonomic senses which can react without thought; these senses help us navigate through the day’s barrage of smells, touches, feels, and tastes. We use these nerves without thinking and they affect our perspective subtly. These nerves seem to have a certain amount of memory as we can often remember a particular smell from our childhood or a sense of pain from an early encounter with a hot stove.

Motor Nerves and Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is caused by pain in the nerves, which are not reacting properly. Whole body vibration plates can help provide that natural healing exercise to relieve pain from neuropathy.

Whole body vibration therapy can help relieve pain from peripheral neuropathy. The nerves are damaged and need movement and oxygen to heal. The Vibration plates like lifetimevibe help provide this pain relief.

Moving your hand to answer the phone requires the use of motor nerves. These are the nerves which the brain tells to do things so that our bodies can perform physically. Movement is governed by the way these nerves activate the body’s muscles. Motor nerves are controlled by conscious and subconscious thoughts. When you dip your big toe into the swimming pool only to discover the water is freezing cold and your whole body jumps back, that’s your motor nerves working on autopilot for you. Sure, you can force yourself into the frigid liquid, but your sensory nerves are telling your motor nerves it’s probably not a good idea. In some cases nerves and muscles can be controlled and in other cases they can’t be controlled, but when neuropathy appears all bets are off.

Neuropathy throws everything off-balance. The nerves aren’t functioning properly and they feel like they are turned on 100%. The fact is that because of the tingling and numbness, the brain doesn’t know what is going on as the nerve signals are diminished and confused. The tingle or numbness indicates nerves that are not functioning due to damage or signal interruption.

Whole Body Vibration Plates for Pain Relief

Blood circulation and oxygen enhancement encourage nerves and the nervous system to function at a more efficient level. In many people, the first reaction they have to Whole Body Vibration is a tingling sensation they feel in their legs. This is the result of nerve endings and nerve bundles that haven’t received a good dose of healthy, oxygenated blood for a while getting lots of blood and oxygen. Just as important are the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are finding their way to the nerves. Muscle reaction to vibration protocol is well-documented. Muscles and tendons like Whole Body Vibration so much they can actually react faster and perform better. Tests have shown athletes who use Whole Body Vibration in their regular workout routines have faster reaction times.

Natural Healing for Neuropathy with Vibration Machines

When a Whole Body Vibration platform is used by a person with neuropathy, they are going to experience the full range of results which come about from standing on a platform – hormonal stimulation, increased oxygenation, muscle toning, and relief from joint pain and other common problems.

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