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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

How often to use a Vibration Plate

Not all Vibration plates are the same

Other extreme high frequency vibration plates, like Powerplate, can be uncomfortable to use more than a couple of minutes. They also  have minimal speed adjustment and vibrate up and down with a flat jumping impact and can be painful on the skull and spine.
Lifetimevibe, on the other hand, is extremely adjustable both in vibration height and speed. It uses an oscillating motion, like a see-saw, or like normal walking. This allows people to adapt the intensity to their comfort and current health status.

Not all people are the same

Usually, healthy active people without severe pain will use lifetimevibe twice a day–5 or 10 minutes each time. This is about as much movement as 1 hour of exercise.
But much depends on your overall health and wellness, and it’s wise to start slow with any kind of new exercise. Try 10 minutes for a day and see how you feel the next day. Then, you can add twice a day and eventually build up to several sessions if you wish.
On the other hand, some people with severe joint pain or other issues will benefit from using the more gentle Lifetimevibe vibration many times each day for just 1 or 2 minutes at a time.
Others, who are generally very active and walk a lot may enjoy using Lifetimevibe for much longer than that. I once talked to a customer at age 70 who used his lifetimevibe for 4 hours over one weekend. He loved how it relieved his Neuropathy pain. He would adjust frequencies and watch TV while he reset the machine. That is an unusual length of time.

Listen to your body and treat it like any other exercise

Just like any new exercise like running or walking or hiking, whole body vibration can increase muscle strength and bone density with the added movement. Also, like any exercise, you can overdo the workout and create soreness. Thankfully, harmful side effects or damage to the body is extremely rare. It’s a good idea to listen to your body and if you’re feeling sore or overworked then take a break from Lifetimevibe for a day or two while you recover.