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Lymphatic System and Whole Body Vibration

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Blog, Health Conditions

Lymphatic System Drainage and Whole Body Vibration

Many people have questions about the Lymphatic System and Vibration. This article is a beginning introduction to some of the research.

How can I naturally boost my immune system to prevent disease?

Microscopic viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and pollutants constantly attack the body. The lymphatic system protects against these invaders when the entire body moves.

A defense system that circulates without a pump.

Unlike the heart pumping blood, the lymphatic system has no pump and only circulates by movement. The muscle movement pumps lymph through lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes to collect harmful molecules such as viruses and toxins.  Lymphatic vessels only move upward to lymph nodes which filter the  toxins from the nutrients.The clean lymph then re-enters the  bloodstream. When lymph nodes get overwhelmed, they form lumps that can be felt in the groin, neck, and armpits. Body and muscle movements can reduce this swelling by keeping lymph moving and preventing blockage.

As we age, how can we keep the lymphatic system working?

As people age, discomfort or sedentary habits often limit the movement needed to circulate lymph. People need frequent, whole body movement to circulate lymph throughout the body to fight toxins and prevent swelling. Yet, often those who exercise regularly do not get enough whole body movement to fully drain the lymphatic system.

How does whole body vibration move lymphatic fluid?

Scientists have found that full body vibration can help both lymphatic and oxygen circulation. This exercise involves standing on a machine that vibrates at high frequencies to move 95% of the muscles at once. The vibrations move muscles that pump lymph through the body. Ideally,  the speed and intensity of this rapid vibration can be easily controlled by the user to avoid pain or dangers of other exercises  This whole body vibration improves a wide variety of health conditions. The improved circulation has helped people relieve joint and back pain, and find relief from arthritis, balance problems, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and other conditions. The body’s own natural defenses are naturally strengthened without the risks from drugs or other harmful exercises.

More on how the Lifetimevibe vibration plate improves lymphatic drainage is on our lymphatic research page.

Lymphatic system whole body vibration science thermal imaging

Thermal imaging shows results of lymphatic drainage after treatment with whole body vibration.

Study performed by Total Thermal Imaging La Mesa, CA.