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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

How to decide: Cheap machines on Amazon vs. Hypervibe, Powerplate, Zaaz, T-Zone, Costco?

At Lifetimevibe, we ask every customer, “Why did you choose Lifetimevibe, and what do you like most about it?”

I love hearing the stories! People’s lives are being changed, they use the machine daily, and they just love the quality that is obvious as soon as they open the box and start using it.

To help with those questions, I’ve just updated our page at https://lifetimevibe.com/compare with a couple of paragraphs to help explain some of the features.

When I talk to prospective customers, I find it’s easy to get lost in the wide variety of features and components. Many companies like to pick one feature they think their machine excels in, and promote that one feature as if it’s the only thing that matters. For example, G-force, which is a multiple of the earth’s gravity, sometimes is pushed as if that’s how to determine quality.

But they conveniently decline to remind customers that 17g is 2,550 lbs of force on your body for a person who weighs 150 lbs! That’s like lifting a car. Fighter pilots pass out without special equipment above 6g!

Others wonder why it’s worth paying 10 times as much for a machine if they can get one for $300 on Amazon or at Wal-Mart.

Many of them buy Lifetimevibe after they learned the hard way about the difference. People like Jacob Clement, who left this google review:

“Fantastic machine! Bought a $300 machine from amazon that we thought would be similar… night and day difference. Lifetime vibe machine was smoother, quieter and didn’t rattle so hard your teeth would fall out. Also love the range of vibration options compared to the other one, lots more frequency options.”

I get it. Until I started seriously mountain biking in Moab and St. George, Utah, I thought the $350 bike from Wal-Mart would be just fine. I didn’t understand the $3500-$10,000 bikes my friends rode. Then I took my Wal-Mart bike to a shop who said they wouldn’t even touch it. That I should take it back and buy a real bike. And then I spent $3800 on a real mountain bike and learned I could go up and down rocks I had no idea were even possible.

We spend more on top-quality cars and bikes all the time. And if we don’t know the products really well, we mostly have to trust that higher prices include better quality.

However, among decent quality products, it’s important to ask which product is best for my particular needs.

My wife’s $4,000 road bike would be a disaster on the slickrock bumps and drops I love in Moab. It’s a great bike, but not the right one for me for that purpose.

Same with Vibration Plates.

We find a lot less confusion among customers who already own LifetimeVibe.

When we call every customer and ask, “Why did you choose LifetimeVibe?” I have not once heard they love the g-force, or they wanted an extreme frequency.  LifetimeVibe provides plenty of both for their needs.

Instead, I hear how much the love the quality because it is hand made in the USA. They love the beautiful looks, the way it’s easy to move around, and the low step up base. But most of all they love that it gets used every day because it feels good. They love the smooth, gradual acceleration, and the very easy to adjust controls.
And past customers love that we honor our warranty and can easily fix machines—even if an issue develops after the warranty period.

We get quite a few calls each week from customers who purchased other machines mass produced in China—hoping to learn how to use it, or to get it fixed. They’ve tried and failed to reach customer service at those companies. And I sadly have to tell them they’re probably out of luck.

Unless they want to buy LifetimeVibe!