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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine
I love meeting LifetimeVibe Customers!

Recently I discovered Steve Gibby, who loves his LifetimeVibe. He’s been using it daily for 2 1/2 years.

Steve is an internationally award-winning filmmaker and photographer. His work requires him to hike long distances and carry heavy equipment into the remote corners of the world.

He loves staying active! And he’s a stickler for high quality equipment.

Steve says:

I recently discovered LifetimeVibe and their remarkable Whole Body Vibration equipment – and it has really enhanced my personal life and my film and television work! It has opened the door for me to not just maintain my levels of energy, strength, flexibility, and durability, but to actually increase those levels to beyond where they’ve ever been in my life!

From decades of heavy outdoor activity and regularly carrying heavy cameras and equipment, I’ve pushed my body to its limits so many times. I have no connective tissue between each of my lumbar vertebrae and from heavy exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam I’ve been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Left untreated either of those conditions could really hamper my ability to do my work and live my active lifestyle.

But thanks to Whole Body Vibration and the other things I do I fully expect to live my super-active lifestyle and do my very mobile film work for decades to come!

Not only does LifetimeVibe enable him to be healthy, he’s convinced it matches the top quality of the extremely refined equipment he uses for award-winning films:

For decades now I’ve used the world’s finest film and television production equipment – cameras, lenses, computers, lights, gimbal systems, etc. I’m used to analyzing fabrication and assembly quality in equipment. I’m happy to report that this LifetimeVibe equipment is very well engineered, fabricated with care to detail, performs perfectly, is very durable, and it is 100% made in America!

Thank you Steve! We do our best. We’re glad to offer the best warranty in the business and take care of our customers.

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