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Lifetimevibe Whole Body Vibration Machine

What was different this year was how many people I visited who I could see could benefit from a whole-body vibration machine in their home. Specifically, a LifetimeVibe machine.

Now, you all know already that I love to support LifetimeVibe because they are made in the U.S.A., are locally owned, and have built a better product than anything else out there I have seen. What you might not know is that this type of therapy is changing the lives of so many people that I talk to.

Recently I asked a friend of mine if they had one of these machines in their community and here was her response.

“We do, and our residents love it,” said Jill Vath of Solstice Senior Living in Sandy. “One of our residents loves it so much she wants to be on it all the time! We had to put a time limit on the use of the machine so that other residents could get a chance to use it as well.”

Jill and I spoke for a while about the whole-body vibration and how it is making such a difference in the lives of people every day.

“It is amazing to me how much of a difference it makes for our residents,” Vath said. “Every person that uses the machine has told me how thankful they are that we have it in the community and what a difference it is making for them. They can actually feel the difference since they started using it.”

What is so great about this is that this type of feedback is not unique to this community. I hear it at every community I go to. So, there must be something to it then.

But getting this feedback has had me focused on how great these machines are in our senior communities. What I did not take time to understand was how great they could be in someone’s own home.

As I visited with clients and go to see how they were doing I noticed so many of them that could benefit from having one of these machines in their home.

There was the family in Ogden where the husband had suffered a stroke and was struggling with getting around. He had trouble just walking to the bathroom and back to his chair. The fall risk was worrying the family and they did not know how much longer he could stay at home safely.

I recommended a whole-body vibration machine to them to help out and explained how it worked and the incredible feedback from those who use it. That afternoon they were on the phone looking into getting one in their home.

But you might ask why it was so important to consider them getting one in their home?

I called around to find a couple of locations near them that had a machine so they could try it out a little bit before buying one for themselves. As we talked about this, I realized that the risk of having to get the husband out the door, down the stairs, into the car, then back out and to the location the machine was at, increased the risk of him getting hurt many times.

And, though is was not wet or snowing this day, I knew there would be many of those days ahead this winter. It was really better if they eliminated this risk and just got a machine in their home.

In home after home I observed as people struggled to walk, dragged their feet, had increased swelling in their legs or body, or struggled with new pains and aches. In many of these moments I could see how the benefits of a whole-body vibration machine from LifetimeVibe in their home could make living in their homes that much better.

One of the best perks of LifetimeVibe is that they will bring you a machine and set it up in your home for you to try out at no cost for two weeks. I have come to understand that if you want to stay at home longer, you should have a whole-body vibration machine in your home and use it daily. Call them today at (801) 901-1117 and schedule a time to have a machine delivered to your home for your two-week trial.