LifetimeVibe Vibration Machine

You have found the Mercedes of whole body vibration machines!  Welcome to LifetimeVibe--the highest quality whole body vibration machine built.  Many experts in the field of Whole Body Vibration were consulted throughout the development of LifetimeVibe including chiropractic doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, registered nurses, and of course, vibration machine users!  These users of Whole Body Vibration were also interviewed and asked to test the many aspects of LifetimeVibe over several months.  Their suggestions and ideas have been incorporated into the final look, feel, usability, and patented technology that finalized the creation of LifetimeVibe. Designed, engineered, and built in the USA!

Whole body vibration has exploded onto the health front with revolutionary ways to improve your personal well-being through vibration technology!  Whole body vibration devices that provide health and beauty benefits have been researched extensively in recent years. Studies performed at NASA, for example, found that vibration technology can help prevent the dramatic muscle deterioration and bone loss astronauts experience in the weightless environment in space. Physicians who performed the NASA study believe that whole body vibration technology holds promise not only for astronauts, but for others experiencing bone or muscle deterioration as well.

In fact, whole body vibration is currently being used by physical therapy centers, spas, and clinics to help alleviate the symptoms of the issues in the right-hand column.  Should you be suffering from any of these health issues, please click one of them to learn more!